Sunday, March 23, 2014

200 Celebrate St. Joseph's Table

Rick Roberts
Rick Roberts
The celebration of St. Joseph's Feast Day -- first with mass and then song and refreshment at "St. Joseph's Table" -- "truly was a success," reports Rick Roberts, OFS, who helped organize the event. The celebration took place March 19, with mass at St. Joseph-St. Patrick Church on Columbia Street in Utica, followed by a procession to the parish center for St. Joseph's Table.

Roberts elaborated: "According to Father (Richard) Dellos (pastor), about 200 people attended the Mass and he was pleased to see such a turnout in honor of St Joseph. We had media coverage including WKTV. Interestingly, the reporter from WKTV commented, 'It’s really great to see so many people in the same room all getting along so well.' …It was very well received, had a lot of compliments, and positive feedback from everyone. There were several good discussions about Saint Joseph and people were interested in learning more about him and in sharing their knowledge of him."

The history of St. Joseph’s Table dates back several centuries "when there was a severe famine in Sicily," noted Roberts. "The people prayed to St. Joseph for relief. The prayers were answered and the famine ended. The people then prepared a table with foods they had harvested. After thanking God and St. Joseph with prayer and song, everyone shared in the celebration at St. Joseph’s Table. Today, the tradition of St. Joseph’s Table continues in America and is wide spread throughout the Catholic Church."